11 Nerdy Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Try This Halloween

Halloween pumpkin carving with bats and a moon

Happy Halloween, everyone! Some people like their pumpkins spooky. Here at Big Sea, we like our pumpkins nerdy.

So here are my top 11 nerdy pumpkin carving ideas! They’re in order, but I won’t tell you of what.

1. The WordPress Pumpkin

Great use of a symbol we love. And look at all that illuminated negative space! You’re getting the primo pumpkins when you start seeing that.

Wordpress Pumpkin - Best Nerdy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

2. The Octocat (github) Pumpkin

Case in point: this pumpkin right here. Look how they skinned the surface to let light through for the face. Anyway, when you stare at the cat all day, you might as well make it festive.

Octocat (github) pumpkin

3.  The Fail Whale Pumpkin

R.I.P. Fail Whale. (Actually, RIP Twitter at this point, I suppose.) I love this pumpkin, because I love this image. Intricate and delicate and difficult. No way I’d be this patient.

Twitter FailWhale Pumpkin

4.  JQuery Ghost Pumpkin

This rad pumpkin also looks more intricate than I’d be able to manage, but I love the idea of the ghost fading in…

JQuery ghost pumpkin

5. The Pantone Pumpkin

Orange is one of my favorite colors, and I love that a designer found this pumpkin’s perfect shade.

Pantone color pumpkin
6. The Doge Pumpkin

First there was Doge. Then there was Dogecoin. Now, there’s Doge Pumpkins.

Doge Pumpkin

7. The Tri-Force Pumpkin

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this pumpkin.

This was also made in house at Big Sea! Jeez, we’ve got some talented carvers…

Tri Force Zelda Pumpkin

8. Ron Swanson, the Pumpkin

Created here at Big Sea, this might not be nerdy, exactly. But it’s definitely awesome.

Ron Swanson Pumpkin

9. The Lumpy Space Princess Pumpkin

Adventure Time, anyone? This is another carving from one of our Halloween parties.

Lumpy Space Princess Pumpkin

10. Pumpkins in Pumpkins, Evil Version

Is it wrong? Yes. Immoral? You bet. But it’s a pumpkin-eat-pumpkin world out there, and sometimes our gourds reflect that.

Cannibal pumpkin

11. Pumpkins in Pumpkins, Good Version

Now this we can support. Look how happy he is! (Though in today’s market, I don’t even want to think about the mortgage on that thing.)

And I know what you’re thinking: yes, using pipe cleaners is cheating. But we’re allowing it.

A pumpkin man in a pumpkin house waving to ask you to send your nerdy pumpkin carving ideas to Big Sea!

Send us your nerdy pumpkin carving ideas!

I don’t usually get too creative with my pumpkins (my kids and neighbors probably wouldn’t appreciate the humor anyway), but I love seeing these photos when you all do! Send us more pics of your nerdy pumpkins!