9 Nerdy Pumpkins to Try This Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!  We love any reason to bring a little geek into our everyday holiday decorating, and these pumpkins suit the purpose.

Here are my top geeky pumpkins ideas, and yes, in order.

1. WordPress pumpkin. Great use of a symbol that we love.

WordPress Pumpkin

2.  Octocat (github) pumpkin.  When you stare at the cat all day anyway, might as well make it festive.

Octocat (github) pumpkin

3.  Twitter FailWhale.  Love this pumpkin, because I love this image.  Intricate and delicate and difficult.  No way I’d be this patient.

Twitter FailWhale

4.  JQuery ghost pumpkin. This rad pumpkin also looks a lot more intricate than I’d be able to handle, but love the idea of the ghost fading in …

JQuery ghost pumpkin

5. Pantone color pumpkin.  Orange is one of my favorite colors, and I love that a designer found this pumpkin’s perfect shade.
Pantone color pumpkin
6. Doge. This was created at our Big Sea Halloween party last year. You see it right?


7. The tri-force. Crucial for any Zelda fan, young or old. This was also made in house!


8. Ron Swanson. Created here at Big Sea, this might not be nerdy, exactly.  But it’s definitely awesome.


9. Lumpy Space Princess. A very important Adventure Time pumpkin carving result from last year’s Halloween party.


I don’t usually get too creative with my pumpkins (my kids and neighbors really wouldn’t appreciate the humor anyway), but I love seeing these photos when you all do!  Send us more pics of your nerdy pumpkins!